Tigers EST Roster

Here is an unofficial list I’ve compiled of Tigers opening the season in extended spring training:

C: Byron Aird, Patrick Leyland, Gabriel Purroy, Adolfo Reina

1B: Juaner Aguasvivas

2B: Carlos De Los Santos, Alexander Nunez

3B: Josh Ashenbrenner, Edgar Corcino, Matt Perry

SS: Brett Anderson, Javier Azcona, Ryan Soares, Eugenio Suarez

OF: Gilbert Gomez, Bo McClendon, Alexander Moreno, Steven Moya, Samir Rijo, Les Smith, Danry Vasquez

P: Carlos Alvarado, Jeff Barfield, Endrys Briceno, Alex Burgos, Bill Castillo, Fernando Celis, Tyler Clark, Edgar De La Rosa, Emmanuel Del Orbe, Jack Duffey, Darlyn Duran, Drew Gagnier, Rayni Guichardo, Kevan Hess, Logan Hoch, Patrick Lawson, Hua-Wei Lo, Melvin Mercedes, Tim Mowry, Nate Newman, Wilsen Palacios, Benny Paulino, Pedro Perez, Zach Samuels, Luis Angel Sanz, Brennan Smith, Jade Todd, Jay Voss, Tyler White, Richard Zumaya

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2 Comments on “Tigers EST Roster”

  1. David Says:

    Hmm… there are some interesting players on that list.

    I am surprised that Burgos doesn’t go to West Michigan, but he’ll probably start for Connecticut this year. I’d also bet that Leyland catches for them, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Danry Vasquez made an appearance or two for the C-Tigers.

  2. Stephen Hamel Says:

    Danry is in EST right now, but it sounds like he will be headed back to Venezuela once the VSL season starts.

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