Tigers top pick in Norwich?

About a week and a half ago, Norwich Bulletin reporter Joe Perez posted the following on his blog:

“This much you can count on: Detroit’s top draft pick will be in Norwich.”

History suggests this will not be the case.  The Tigers have not sent their top draft pick to the NY-Penn League since 2000, when 1st round pick Matt Wheatland pitched 24.1 innings for the Oneonta Tigers.

Of the Tigers nine top picks since Wheatland, five signed too late to play in the minor leagues the year they were drafted (Kyle Sleeth, Justin Verlander, Cameron Maybin, Rick Porcello and Jacob Turner).  The other four (Kenny Baugh, Scott Moore, Andrew Miller and Ryan Perry) were assigned to different levels.

Why is Perez saying this trend will end this year?  Well, the Tigers surrendered their first round pick to the Astros when they signed Jose Valverde, a Type A free agent.  As a result, the Tigers do not pick until the 44th overall selection, a compensatory first round pick they received for losing Brandon Lyon, a Type B free agent.

Since the Tigers’ first draft choice comes later in the draft than previous top picks, there is a better chance he will be assigned to Norwich rather than a higher level.

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3 Comments on “Tigers top pick in Norwich?”

  1. janet hobbin Says:

    You do a great job with bios! jh

  2. janet hobbin Says:

    Stephen Hamel, You do a great job with bios! jh

  3. jeff d Says:

    interesting stuff

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