2010 Draft Class

Here is a list of the 2010 Tigers draft class.  I’ve bolded the names of the players who have signed.  I’ve also linked the scouting reports I’ve written on several of the players.

1s. Nick Castellanos, 3B
1s. Chance Ruffin, RHP
2. Drew Smyly, LHP
3. Rob Brantly, C
4. Cole Green, RHP
5. Alex Burgos, LHP
6. Bryan Holaday, C
7. Corey Jones, 2B
8. Patrick Leyland, C
9. Tony Plagman, 1B
10. Cole Nelson, LHP
11. Brian Dupra, RHP
12. Kyle Ryan, LHP
13. P.J. Polk, OF
14. Patrick Cooper, RHP
15. Collin Kuhn, OF
16. Jordan Pratt, RHP
17. Drew Gagnier, RHP
18. Josh Ashenbrenner, 3B
19. Jeff Rowland, OF
20. Tyler White, RHP
21. James Meador, 1B
22. Jake Hernandez, C
23. Dominic Ficociello, SS
24. Tyler Clark, RHP
25. Shawn Teufel, LHP
26. Jeff Ferrell, RHP
27. Les Smith, OF
28. Jack Duffey, LHP
29. Chris Joyce, LHP
30. Logan Hoch, LHP
31. Matt Little, RHP
32. Clay Jones, 1B
33. Brennan Smith, RHP
34. Nolan Sanburn, OF
35. Cody Hall, RHP
36. Ryan Soares, SS
37. Carlos Lopez, 1B
38. Jake Dziubczynski, LHP
39. Bo McClendon, OF
40. Pete Miller, SS
41. Matt Perry, 3B
42. Kevin Grant, OF
43. Blake Bell, RHP
44. Ricky Knapp, RHP
45. Jake Morton, C
46. Ben Verlander, RHP
47. Chris Triplett, SS
48. Tyler Marincov, OF
49. Tyson Kendrick, C
50. Jake Ross, LHP


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